Beautiful Weddings Grenada (BWG) FAQs sheet

Pre-Wedding queries:

1. Why do I need a Wedding Planner?

Well for a few reasons really……to save your sanity; to save your hair line; to safeguard your budget; to handle things and areas that you do not want to and that you may also not know how to; to allow yourself the time to continue to live your life; to get professional advice and guidance on all the intricacies that are involved in executing your perfect wedding event. Basically, we are the superheroes of the Wedding world! We fly in to make your day perfect and out any fires that may get started.

As your Wedding Planner and Co-Ordinator, we hold your hand and expertly guide you through all the ins and outs of navigating that whiny road that will eventually lead you down the aisle into the arms of the love of your life. We do it all for you and with you. We are involved in most, if not all aspects of the planning process so that you can keep concentrating on your already busy life.

2. What services do you offer as my Wedding Co-Ordinator and Planner?

The short answer to that would be ‘basically everything’. A more precise, detailed response would be:

  • Assistance with the marriage license application process
  • Booking of all top vendors required including licensed marriage officer, venue, decorator, photographer, videographer, florist, cake specialist, entertainment, make-up artist, hair stylist, nail technician, transport, lighting technician
  • Assistance with deciding on your ideal wedding budget and how best to honour it
  • Conducting venue site visits
  • Arranging menu and cake tastings
  • Booking and paying all vendors and overseeing their contracts
  • Rehearsal dinner organisation, if required
  • Wedding rehearsal practice
  • ‘On the day’ co-ordination
  • Event décor setup and breakdown
  • Applying for the Marriage certificate and the collection of same
  • General advice and counsel for the entire duration leading up to your wedding day
  • Consultation only services
  • ‘On the day’ co-ordination only
  • Renewal of vows celebrations

We do not plan your wedding for you, but instead we plan your wedding with you.

3. How are you different from the other Wedding Planners in Grenada?

I am proud to be part of an industry here that I think genuinely holds itself to a very high standard that always strives to exceed and wow our couples, whether they are based here or choose to travel to us to celebrate their big day. We each bring similar offerings to the table but of course these will be sugared with our individual signature way of doing things and putting it all together.

We truly seek to understand what our couples want and need, and also what they do not want or like, as these details are just as important. Unlike most of the other Planners, we do not provide décor services ourselves. Instead, based on our couples’ requirements and budget, we then select the best decor vendor suited, as they are a few to choose from. In this way, there is true personalisation and full attention given to your event design esthetic without potentially compromising other key aspects of the planning process. We own, master and then concentrate on these. You may ask ‘Would this increase my overall cost in comparison to a Planner that offers both planning and décor services? The answer to this would be no, not necessarily, simply because the cost for décor is always a separate and additional fee, even for the Planner and Décor combo, as they are 2 distinct and very involved services.

4. What is your wedding background?

Our Founder, Khadine, started her wedding co-ordination journey in 2013 as she was the first Wedding Manager for the then newly opened Sandals Resort here in Grenada. Her in-depth training was conducted in St. Lucia at the Sandals Grande Resort and it was very precise and hands-on. While employed with Sandals, Khadine had the pleasure of co-ordinating over 25 destination weddings for a range of International couples. She was bitten by the wedding love bug, and so Beautiful Weddings Grenada was launched in September 2014, and here we are today, numerous unions and still counting.

5. Do you offer packages? And if so, what are they?

We prefer to go the route of truly Bespoke weddings for the obvious reasons of no couple is alike and as such, no wedding should be either. Preset packages automatically place you in a box that you may or may not want to be in, and that may or may not fit. So rather that cutting here, fixing there, removing this and putting in that, we think it best that we start with a clean and clear canvas. Then together we can paint the most beautiful Monet for your dream wedding. No limits, no rules, no restrictions. Only endless possibilities, which we all love!

6. What do your services cost?

We do understand budgetary constraints for some of our couples and as such we are open to discussing with you the best balance to achieve your perfect wedding day. No offering is written in stone and personalisation can be done to fit your most intimate celebration needs. Our consultation only services will be a great fit for our DIY and extra budget conscious couples.

7. Can I customise your offering?

Yes, you sure can! Let us know what you need, and we will work out together what is best suited.

8. What is the process to sign up with you?

So happy you asked! Firstly, we will schedule an initial consultation call with you at a mutually convenient day and time. This is usually about 30 minutes long and allows me to gather all key details to better understand what you would like for your dream wedding. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. After that call we will send you some initial details and estimated costs. From that you will then decide if you do want to officially book your wedding with us. Once you do, then we prepare and send you our official agreement document to review and then sign off on. A retainer will be required to be paid at that time which then cements our working arrangement for planning your wedding with you and allows us to officially add your event to our calendar.

9. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do. There is generally a non-refundable retainer amount. Thereafter, the balance can be paid over installments with relevant dates to be agreed upon. This will all be broken down in the agreement document that you sign.

10. How do you handle a possible event date change or postponement or cancellation? Are refunds issued?

Things do happen in life and so with that in mind we do expect at times for date and event changes to occur. Once you officially inform us of a date change/postponement and we are free for your new date, we will adjust all vendor bookings to suit. If key vendors are no longer available, we will endeavour to book the next best replacements for them.

For event cancellations, refunds can be issued once all relevant vendor cancellation fees and policies are adhered to. The closer to the wedding date that a cancellation is made, understandably less of a refund will be issued most times. For example, if a venue is cancelled within 2 days of an event and they have already purchased specialty food and drink items, this cost will have to be covered by the couple, unless otherwise agreed by that venue.

11. What are your Covid-19 policies, procedures and protocols?

Safety is on the forefront of everyone’s mind now, including our own, and rightfully so. But we also want to marry this with still hosting events that feel intimate, romantic and fun. So, with the official guidance provided by the Government and Health officials of Grenada, who in turn abide by the CDC and WHO protocols, we are implementing the BWG Covid-19 event guidelines. Stay tuned to this page for updates once complete.

12. How do we officially start the planning process with you?

It’s simple……sign up and pay up! 🤭 After our initial consultation call, once you are comfortable to proceed, we will then prepare and send you our agreement document to read and review. Once you are happy to proceed then we get that all signed and dated and then the retainer amount is paid shortly thereafter and BAM! We are officially in business and planning the beginning of your married lives together. Yippee!!!

13. What are the requirements to get married in Grenada? How do I apply for our marriage license?

Very important question and it is all clearly explained here on our Marriage Requirements in Grenada page.

14. What type of marriage ceremonies are available in Grenada?

There are mainly 2 types: religious and civil/non-religious ceremonies. Both can happen at any venue for the most part. However, usually Catholic ceremonies must take place within a church.

15. What are some venue options that I can consider?

Grenada being the beautiful, tropical, diverse island that it is offers a wide selection of venue types. So based on your needs, personality, budget and event aesthetic you can choose from any of these below. We also have some popular options highlighted under our Venues page for ease of reference:

  • Church
  • Event hall
  • Restaurant/bar
  • Hotel
  • Beach
  • Riverbank
  • Waterfall
  • Historical fort
  • Historical building or relic
  • Garden setting
  • Plantation house/estate
  • Villa
  • Poolside
  • Private island
  • Boat/yacht
  • Underwater sculpture park or diving wreck
  • Rum factory
  • Cane field
  • And anywhere else your imagination can take you!
16. What are all the types of vendors that I should consider hiring for my wedding?
  • Licensed marriage officer, whether for a religious or civil type ceremony
  • Venue
  • Caterers and bartenders, if not included at chosen venue
  • Florist
  • Cake maker/specialist or other dessert choice
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Entertainment: Live band, DJ, Soloist, Violinist, Guitarist, Saxophonist, Steel pan/drum player,
  • Transportation
  • Event Lighting technician
  • Décor and furniture rentals
  • Beauticians: hair stylist, make-up artist, nail technician
  • Accommodation
17. How do I make payments to my vendors?

Part of our service offering to you includes us paying all vendors on your behalf, especially for our destination couples. We issue you an invoice that breaks down all relevant vendor costs. You transfer payment to us, we then pay all vendors and then provide you with a receipt for your records. This process allows you to deal with one entity rather than several, which can get messy and be time consuming. All payments in full will be due before your wedding day.

Active Wedding Day & during the event queries:

1. What do you do on my actual wedding day?

Everything!….. and yes, this does include keeping our couples alive, sane, and very capable of enjoying their ultimate love moment from beginning to end. We also:

  • Oversee the venue décor setup and breakdown
  • Ensure all vendors arrive on time and setup their respective areas
  • Meet and greet arriving guests
  • Appropriately seat guests for ceremony
  • Oversee the signing of guest books, if applicable
  • Check in on bride and groom momentarily throughout the day, from them getting ready all the way up to their first dance as Mr. and Mrs.!
  • Check up on bridal party and immediate family of the couple
  • Oversee picture taking session to ensure all goes smoothly
  • Seat guests for reception dinner
  • Quickly handle any issues that may arise throughout the day
  • Collect and safeguard all gifts and cards for our couple
  • Assist family and friends however may be needed
  • Pay relevant vendors
  • Ensure onsite vendors are happy and comfortable
  • Ensure everyone has the best time ever!

Post-Wedding queries:

1. What do you do after my wedding?

• Host a post-event meeting and review at a convenient time for all
• Submit signed marriage register to apply for your official marriage certificate copy(ies)
• Collect marriage certificate copy and deliver to couple. If the couple has left the island already then prior arrangements to mail these off to them will be followed.
• Ensure all photos and videos are completed and delivered to couple and that they are satisfied will everything.
• Ensure all vendors have been paid in full.
• Mitigate any issues or concerns, if any, between couple and any vendors to ensure a happy resolution is met for both parties.

2. How and when will I receive our wedding day pictures and video?

The usual timeline is between 4-6 weeks after your wedding day. We will collect and deliver these to you or they can be emailed if that was the preferred arrangement. If you have already left the island, then arrangements will be made to mail items to you, if prints or flash drives are required, the cost of which will be borne by the couple.

3. How do I get our official marriage certificate?

After your wedding day, we normally apply for this on your behalf. It is usually ready for collection within 2 business days so we either personally deliver to you or arrange to have it sent via FedEx, if you have already left the island. Courier mail charges will be discussed and paid beforehand.

4. How can I get the marriage certificate if I leave Grenada before it is ready?

See previous response given above.

5. How many certificate copies should we order?

It is always advisable to have extra copies so we would suggest between 2-4 copies. The cost of each is EC$15.00.

6. What happens if we misplace our marriage certificate?

We offer an after-care service where we happily assist you by requesting new copies on your behalf and then mailing these via Courier service to our overseas couples.

Contact Information

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